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Identifying with Those Who Suffer Alone

Identifying with Those Who Suffer Alone Without doubt, there is great value in spirituality that emphasizes and supports withdrawal from society. But in our time, with its special… Read More »Identifying with Those Who Suffer Alone

The Taoteching #18

The Taoteching #18 When the Great Way disappearswe meet kindness and justicewhen reason appearswe meet great deceitwhen the six relations failwe meet obedience and lovewhen… Read More »The Taoteching #18

Kirtan on January 23!

Kirtan on January 23! Join Manda Jost and friends on Tuesday, January 23 for an evening of musical chanting and singing to the ancient melodies… Read More »Kirtan on January 23!

Balancing Commitment and Impermanence

Balancing Commitment and Impermanence People often wonder how it is possible, in the face of impermanence, to make a commitment to a relationship. It certainly… Read More »Balancing Commitment and Impermanence

Your are Purity/Impurity

Your are Purity/Impurity You are the sourceOf all purity and impurity. No one purifies another. The DhammapadaChapter: Yourself