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The Taoteching #19

The Taoteching #19 Get rid of wisdom and reasonand people will live a hundred times betterget rid of kindness and justiceand people once more will… Read More »The Taoteching #19

Kasan Sweat

Kasan Sweat Kasan was asked to officiate at the funeral of a provincial lord. He had never met lords and nobles before so he was… Read More »Kasan Sweat

Your Work

Your Work Never neglect your workFor another’s,However great his need. Your work is to discover your workAnd then with all your heartTo give yourself to… Read More »Your Work

The Dry Place

The Dry Place Note: The following excerpt is from the chapter titled, “Stages of Monastic Life,” from When You Greet Me I Bow, by Norman… Read More »The Dry Place

The Yoga of Devotion

The Yoga of Devotion For the yogi there are two meaningful truths, closely intertwined with each other, that each serios practitioner must contemplate and take… Read More »The Yoga of Devotion

Kirtan on March 5!

Kirtan on March 5! Join Manda Jost and friends on Tuesday, March 5 for an evening of musical chanting and singing to the ancient melodies… Read More »Kirtan on March 5!